We are a new and growing server and our goal is to help potatoes like you find other potatoes to be friends with! We welcome everyone regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
Discord server for the Revelation Gaming community. Focused around gameplay and discussion for Overwatch, Squad, Battlefield, and many others. We have numerous channels outside of the gaming genre for nerding out, anime/weeb talk, irl chatting, and many meme channels. Join today!
Discord del streamer King camus! Visítanos en: https://www.twitch.tv/kingcamus
Michiganders! The Michigan Discord is the place to connect with and meet people living in our beautiful state! (Anyone is welcome, of course.)
A server for all kinds of people. From those who like anime and those who enjoy gaming! Must be 13 years or older to enter as per Discord ToS
O servidor foi criado com a intenção de dar apoio a pessoas, fazer novos amigos, e muito mais.
Multipurpose server, based on sharing your work and what you like!
The Multiverse. Up and coming server related to the DCEU. Comic lovers, gamers, social people, we welcome all. Always looking for active people to help grow the community. Including paid promotions soon, come join the community. Looking for more Artists to hold an art contest. FREE NITRO MONTHLY GIVEAWAY.
A server for all e-girls, e-boys, and weebs alike.
Hello, My name is Jordan, I'm the owner of the New American Militia. We are a group of highly trained individuals with military-grade weapons and vehicles. We are waiting for people to join, chat, and game with new people wanting to fight in our clan/militia, we are here to support each other and get through tough gaming battles with heavy firefights and tactical gameplay, other than gaming we also do airsoft IRL where we become really tactical and sometimes crazy, so we have many opportunities to have lots of fun together and have the time of our lives! (This server is a part of the South-Side Reapers Discord Server!) >>-- What do we have here? --<< — Active & Respectful Staff! — Self-assignable Roles! — Social Media Advertising! — IRL Events! — Never-Ending Fun!
— ❝ we are a multi-interest based server that welcomes everyone in our community. Nekos & Chill offers everything from a custom bot to a wide variety of categories for anime, gaming, self-promotion, and more — ♡ ❞
Everyone deserves a helping hand.
Non-toxic, SFW and mature community. We welcome gamers, weebs and anyone who is interested in Japanese culture or language.