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SECURE. CONTAIN. PROTECT., a Discord SCP RP. [1400+ members] [12 Departments] [10 GOIs] [Frequent Events] [Custom Bot Commands] [Friendly and Active Community] [Long-Running]
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This may not be the greatest Server on Discord. But definitely not the worst. It’s a server created with the idea to be a place where even Outcasts feel welcomed. We have channels for: - History, Mythology and Culture stuff - Game discussion, like FE, Skyrim etc. - Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Comic, Movie and Book Channel - SCP Fondation, Horror and Creepypasta, Memes, Music, Pet and Animal Channels and many more. And if requested we gladly add Channels for more stuff.
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Hello and Welcome to the SCP:FOUNDATION! ————————————— Here SCP fans can chat with others, roleplay, and much more! We also offer these channels: Off Topic Art Meme Gaming You can also listen to music with your friend! We also have partnerships available! ————————————— We talk our job seriously, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
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Pantheon is an Oceanic gaming community renowned for providing quality game servers. Our main platforms for communication are Discord and our forums, both of which share a welcoming environment and a large staff team that is always willing to help. Pantheon is a consistently growing community with a high standing reputation where strong friendships are built and the overall atmosphere is friendly and engaging.
The discord server for Dr. Bright's Facility
Russian SCPSL server. Danger Zone
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Veed II is the reincarnation of Veed Laboratories. It is a server for SCP: Secret Laboratory that is hosted in Australia.
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Привет друг, приветствуем тебя на проекте: "𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒅𝒐𝒎 𝒐𝒇 𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒐𝒎". Наш проект - это место для приятного времяпровождения, как в нашем дискорд сервере, так и на игровых серверах по игре SCP: Secret Laboratory. ● Ищешь адекватное комьюнити с которым не заскучаешь? ● Ищешь место где есть грамотная и адекватная администрация? ● Ищешь место где ты вечерком можешь лампово провести время? ● Ищешь место где есть СВОИ уникальные плагины которые нигде не встретишь? Тогда ты попал по адресу дружище! Ждем тебя в нашем дискорде!
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Brand new infinite ikea to explore! Come and hang out with us mod applications are open, dm me for details
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Serwer ,,Krwisty Pomidor SCP" to serwer discord, służący serwerowi w grze SCP: SL.
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Welcome to SCPF Site 32. This is a semi-literate (we aren't that strict) SCP roleplay server. SCPF Site 32 is a character driven roleplay about an underfunded facility and the people that live in and around it. It was mainly built to house humanoid anomalies, but all SCP ideas are welcome. We have dozens of roles encompassing the variety of jobs and positions that your characters can fill, from humble engineers to department directors. Cannon characters and SCPs are allowed, though they will hopefully not be the focus of the server. This server is explicitly pro-LGBTQIA, so if you're not cool with that It'd probably be best if you move along. I hope to see you there.
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Eric's Labs is a game inspired by innovation inc and SCP, You can choose two modes: 1. Roleplay 2. Serious 3. Off-Topic
Сервера в различных играх на ваш вкус!
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Cerberus Gaming is a friendly SCP:SL oriented community, ran and developed for by one of the official SCP:SL game developers. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and relaxed, without an overbearing or toxic nature that can sometimes be found in free communities. Our prized feature is the custom-developed 24/7 gamemode server, which runs a host of gamemodes created and curated by the Cerberus player community.
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Like SCP? Play SCP: Secret Laboratory? Join our server, where we host a SCP:SL server as well as a community who love the SCP foundation! (Have I said SCP enough?) Join our Discord, and the SCP:SL server!
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Welcome To Foundation-397! We are a Roleplay server that created a more "Custom" version of the SCP Foundation, and, believe me, our little changes make our roleplay the best one out there! We have plenty of spots open for you to join, we are quickly growing, and are active almost all the time! We have friendly, approachable moderators, and are looking to get even more! What are you waiting for? Join us!
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If you are reading this, then congratulations. You have been selected, by invitation or otherwise, to the most top secret government foundation in the history of mankind, The SCP Foundation. We are a Minecraft community that's creating an SCP world in Minecraft, but we need your help! We have different roles for different jobs, and are still in progress of building the base. If you're in the building department, come help us with the building!
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Hello there! Welcome to Tales From The Foundation! An SCP RP server with great and dedicated staff, a chill environment, and some other neato-stuff. ▷ Both custom and canon SCPs! ▷ Many different departments and channels to RP in! ▷ No ERP or NSFW! ▷ And lots more!
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The Tacita community server! Home to our own gaming community over several games. We feature many games such as: Mabinogi Grand Theft Auto V Elite: Dangerous Vindictus League of Legends Fate/Grand Order SCP: Secret Lab Dead by Daylight Maplestory 2 Or you can just come to chat! You don't even need to play any of the games we do, we're always welcome to have new people to chat with.
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Один из самых первых русскоязычных проектов по SCP:SL. Имеем стабильный онлайн, сервера без лагов, отзывчивую администрацию. Залетай к нам и играй с нами! :)
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A discord RP server, with a great community and administration team. The RP lore and monsters are inspired by the SCP foundation, but a copy as that's, indeed, unprofessional.
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Уютное сообщество для общения, игр и развлечения.
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You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
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Basically a place where I post game updates, memes, memes, and memes.
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Chatting and gaming are our main priorities but other inclusions are welcome!
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Welcome to the SCP Facility, Made by @Cat This server is made for the SCP:CB & SCP:SL Games Here you can : Give suggestions in #suggestions Post SCP Memes Post NSFW (Only in #nsfw-posts) Earape people in the earape channel Upload speed runs in our channel Participate give-aways We're also working on a server for SCP:SL (Community hosted)
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A roleplay of all types of characters. The original 3 people who started this server branched from the Site 15 server after an incident with a mod. The server has been mostly the 3 and a few others from time to time. We'd like more people to keep the rp active.
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5400:1 girl to boy ratio how insane is that i can literally take any suggestion you have and do it neo-marxism welcome
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🦊 What you will find here: 🦊 • Absolute tolerance • Music • Friendly community • Lot's of fandoms • Roleplay • Gaming • Possibility to sale art • Language channels
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Hey, Cryptex Networks is a newly developed server network hosted by me and my buddy. We are in dire need of SCP and Garry's Mod staff members and we also need a player base lol, If you love to be a dank memer, Love SCP and Gmod (MORE GAMES TO COME) and would like to be a staff member, please join our discord server. We are a friendly community with high hopes and aspirations to bring you the best quality servers possible!
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Game nights, Movie nights, Roleplay, and Hangout
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SCP Fundacja
Gaming | Streaming
Just a bunch of cool guys from various parts of the world from Norway to Ireland all chilling and playing games! Some games we play include Minecraft, Halo, SCP, R6S, DBFZ and Jackbox. Feel free to make yourself at home!
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We are a small SCPF: Looking to grow! Link:!/about
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Hi, The Ocean Realm is a server dedicated to servicing SCP: Secret Laboratory players. We would love to have you, our server is very organized and the staff team is very structured.
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GAMES 💀 HORROR 💀 MOVIES 💀 ART 💀 ROLEPLAY Sanctuary of Horror is a group made by HORROR fans for HORROR fans and encompasses all genre's of horror as a whole. We accept all and welcome!