This is the "Batltefield 4 - 1 - V LFG" Discord server. The concept is simple. You will see 3 game categories: - Battlefield V - Battlefield 1 - Battlefield 4 Under each category, you have the option to create your own Squad voice channel, or join one of the existing ones. Once you created a channel, you can manage it as if you are the server owner and the channel will continue to exist as long as you and/or other players are in it. Once the channel becomes empty, it get's deleted again. an old school first person free to play shooter game.
Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game. Join the thriving community and the developers of the game on this official Discord server!
As the SQD (Source of Quality Directives) name implies, we want to bring high-quality gameplay and also breed a culture of camaraderie and teamwork, not only within our group, but within the Squad community in general. Our goal is to promote higher level gameplay while maintaining professionalism and non-toxicity. Our two core values are: 1) Be Professional -Respect other players and server admins -Abstain from toxic behavior; be friendly and teach the new players 2) Use Common Sense -Think, “Is what I’m saying or doing making me/us look stupid?” (text chats, mic spamming, etc.)
Come Chill!
Games and Politics bruh. And other stuff.
We ar a small Hobby-Team and we are creating a new Multiplayer-Shooter Game. Join us for new Updates or help us with our Game. We are using Unity. Have fun!
APB:Reloaded public trading server (Beta)
Somos un Clan español, enfocado en juegos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y especializados en Post Scriptum, compuesto por jugadores habituales y experimentados. Nuestro objetivo es crear una compañía de soldados organizada y competitiva, en la que imperen el buen rollo y las ganas de jugar en equipo. Para nosotros el trabajo en equipo es fundamental, por lo que intentamos desarrollar tácticas adecuadas a cada situación de guerra que se prueban en los diferentes entrenamientos semanales que organizamos y que utilizamos posteriormente en nuestras partidas. Todos los días hay miembros de RSI jugando a Post Scriptum, así que si eres nuevo en el juego no te preocupes, estaremos encantados de ayudarte a mejorar. ¿Quieres formar parte de un clan serio y organizado? ¿Tienes ganas de trabajar en equipo? ¡No lo pienses más y pásate por nuestro Discord!
LeagueVII's twitch discord
The official Discord Server for the 3rd-person Looter-Shooter Mobile Game, N.E.S.T!
Comunidad de VALORANT - PROJECT A de latinoamerica, tanto casual como competitiva.
Server for all ages and skill ranges which focuses on talking about and playing various shooter games. We encourage those of a higher skill bracket to try and pass on their skills to those who are less experienced.
Servidor Oficial de la comunidad latina de Ring of Elysium.
Our goal with this server is to create a safe, fun, user friendly environment that enriches one's gaming experience. We mainly are a First Person Shooter based gaming community focused on teamwork. Our main obsession is Battlestate Games' Escape from Tarkov,
Polski serwer discord, poświęcony grze Valorant
Moin Leute, Bei diesem Discord handelt es sich um unsere Gaming Community. Gegründet von mir TakeMeLive um mit meinen Stream Zuschauern sowie Youtube Abonenten Connecten zu können. Ihr habt interesse mit uns zusammen Escape From Tarkov oder viele weitere Spiele zu spielen? Dann schaut doch vorbei würde mich freuen.
Wir sind eine kleine aufstrebende Esports Community welche sich um Valorant herum gebildet hat. Unter uns sind viele CS:GO Spieler, teilweise Global Elites. Bei uns geht es darum Spaß zu haben aber auch etwas zu erreichen. Wir wollen diverse gut eingespielte Teams in Rankes schicken und bei Möglichkeit in Turnieren melden! Abgesehen davon ist bei uns jeder willkommen! Schaut doch mal für eine Runde vorbei und lernt und kennen.
Find new friends or your team on the Valorant Community Server. Stay up to date thanks to our news, tweets and guide channel. Meet up in the voice channel or write to each other in public chat. You have problems? Create a support ticket and we'll take care of it. We look forward to you!
Dead Nation is a zombie survival server on FiveM. Kill zombies to get loot/money or weapons! You are able to claim a house for you own aswel. Or just survive at on of the few safezones. There is pvp you can kill each other if that most
Valorant team and communications.
|GC| Project Reality - Community & Teamwork
Comunidad de Valorant para Latam - Competitiva y no Competitiva
-----R33L CLAN SERVER---- ------Active Apex players ---- Ranked/Unranked Casual/Tryhard Everyone is welcome.
Ich bin ein Streamer aus Leidenschaft. Getreu dem Credo: "Ich bin nicht gut, aber hartnäckig!" unterhalte ich meine Viiewer und mich selbst. ;)
READY TO JOIN THE RESISTANCE? OMNI is a massively multiplayer online shooter slash loot game (MMOSSL). The world has ended! Everything we hold dear has come to an end, or did it? The meteor that struck our planet eradicating nearly all life on earth and bringing forth the Swarm, left only just a small camp of survivors. Despite their despair they refused to lose hope and started looking for more people that can join the last remnants of man in their final fight for survival. Are you ready to jump into the adventure by slashing hordes of monsters on your journey? Are you good enough to take all the loot? Do you have the skills to keep up and fight all the elite and boss monsters on the way to taking back our land? Good! Then gather your friends and become one of the survivors that will reclaim what was rightfully ours.
Unofficial server for Splatoon 2. Other content, especially switch related content is allowed.