This is the "Batltefield 4 - 1 - V LFG" Discord server. The concept is simple. You will see 3 game categories: - Battlefield V - Battlefield 1 - Battlefield 4 Under each category, you have the option to create your own Squad voice channel, or join one of the existing ones. Once you created a channel, you can manage it as if you are the server owner and the channel will continue to exist as long as you and/or other players are in it. Once the channel becomes empty, it get's deleted again.
One with the pack -This is a gaming hub for veterans by veterans and anyone who is either thinking about joining themselves or has family that was or is currently residing within the military
Squad Ukraine - Спільнота для Українських геймерів
Squad World Championship
Une team Minecraft de rush/HikaBrain
Welcome to the Chocolate Squad! We have a community containing pokemon and music. Here we don't swear and we're kind people (maybe?).
Squad Europe is a 100% Cooperation of well known European Squad Clans. All Decisions are made in consent with all participating Clans including the Approval of new Clans. Our Goal is to provide the best possible Squad Experience, with balanced Matches in a highly Competitive Environment... Call it "Little CCFN" Server Wink
Server para reunir os players de Black Squad
As the SQD (Source of Quality Directives) name implies, we want to bring high-quality gameplay and also breed a culture of camaraderie and teamwork, not only within our group, but within the Squad community in general. Our goal is to promote higher level gameplay while maintaining professionalism and non-toxicity. Our two core values are: 1) Be Professional -Respect other players and server admins -Abstain from toxic behavior; be friendly and teach the new players 2) Use Common Sense -Think, “Is what I’m saying or doing making me/us look stupid?” (text chats, mic spamming, etc.)
كلان السام - أكبر وأقوى كلان عربي موجود في لعبة سكواد .. نتشرف بإنضمامك لنا يا بطل ^^ Special Arab Militia [SAM] - The biggest Arabic clan in SQUAD
Squad Finland is Finnish community based around FPS game Squad.
A Place for Noobs and regulars alike to come together and Play. This Clan was Made for the ones who don't take this game seriously and just Play to have fun. you don't gotta be skilled. you just gotta have a good attitude and want to have fun. Enjoy :-)
A Squad based community where we casually play that and other games, we also do weekly events and play in larger multi-clan events. We run a server in Squad that goes by the same name, hop in and join us!
Zulu X-Ray Delta A social and competitive Squad community
Discord server for the Revelation Gaming community. Focused around gameplay and discussion for Overwatch, Squad, Battlefield, and many others. We have numerous channels outside of the gaming genre for nerding out, anime/weeb talk, irl chatting, and many meme channels. Join today!
Official server for the Space Crew total conversion mod for SQUAD.
Discord Server for Fortnite Custom Games
The Assault Battalion is an emergent Squad outfit. We play and organize drawing from military experience and know-how. With a healthy mixture of 50% milsim and 50% memes we tend to not take things too seriously..., until we do. Are you looking for a tight knit, highly organized but flexible and friendly outfit to play Squad? Look no further than the Assault Battalion. We offer high cohesive game-play with leaders who know their stuff. We operate on a basis of trust and brotherhood, and you'll find no acceptance anywhere else on the internet than ours. Want to learn and train? The Assault Battalion believes in taking experience and knowledge from both real life and in-game and teaching it to others. This way we stay on top of the game, offering unparalleled expertise and cohesion in battle.
Facepunchers is a community of people that just love playing games together as a community without all the bullshit and crap that comes from clans. Anyone is welcome to join, hangout and play. We mainly play squad but have lots of different games we play.
SOG is a milsim gaming community with a focus on teamwork and community, primarily active in games like Arma 3 and Squad, as well as others.
A communication oppurtunity between choosen JR players of Knight Online MMORPG.
a place for older (21 and up) Minecrafters of ALL experiences (amateur, intermediate, and professional) on all platforms to come together and talk about Mining, life, make friends, share ideas and just hang out before/during/after streams 🙃 while you are in the Discord, why not request to join our Minecraft world as well? 😁
Discord Server for the Squad Server the Alliance
Wer bock zu Zocken hat kann gerne mal Joinen wir spielen alles von R6 bis GTA 5
Hello, we are Topside Gaming. A HUB for all your gaming needs. We currently own a FiveM RP server and an Arma 3 server! We also have a CoD MW Regiment! You can check these out in #topside-communities. We also have partners that helps you connect to other communities for more fun! This is in #partnered-communities! If you are a community owner and wish to partner with us, head to #apply-for-partnership. Our staff team is always willing to help you out in anyway possible. If you need any help head to #tickets. We wish you a great stay and happy gaming! Permanent Discord Invite Link:
Who And What Are We FOXTROT OSCAR GAMING is a mature online gaming clan focused on creating a fun and open place for all levels and abilities of gamer to unwind and play games. We are not extreme try hards and our main goal is to make games fun. We encourage teamwork and community participation.
Wrecking Crew is a YouTube/Twitch collaboration between friends and content creators DeathBlow, IPlaiGames, TheBlevins and ThrillSeeker. We are a variety gaming squad that will stream games live weekly and edit the different perspectives together to make content for our YouTube channel. This discord community is for fellow creators that we work with as well as fans of our content that want to interact with our creators. Discuss the games we play, gaming news, suggest games for the crew to play, etc..