Hobbies | Community
Star Wars Toys & Collectibles is a fan-made Discord Server dedicated to discussion of Star Wars collecting including action figures, hot toys, trading cards, autographs, props, comics, movies and everything star wars.
eSports | Community | Art
Welcome to Paradise! We are a relaxed gaming server focusing on supporting our community in their endeavors. Be it Art, Music, Programming, Gaming, and eSports. We are Building a drama-free inclusive environment for you to come and relax in. Join Now!
Community | Entertainment
Mandalorian culture fandom and mature discussion group.
Role-Playing | Community
A Star Wars RP server set in an AU Old Republic timeline where the Empire has struck another massive blow against the Republic, invading Tython and bombarding Coruscant. Now, the Republic hurries to retaliate as the Empire pushes it's territories, while the surviving Jedi head into hiding or strike out on their own. Help us grow and shape the universe with your actions, and as always, may the Force be with you.
Gaming | Entertainment
This is a server where you can connect with people of similar interests, You can talk Gaming, play gaming with others, join our gaming server events, you can also talk Marvel and Star Wars, have debates show off your artwork and this is only the beginning there will be much more to come!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Star wars: Fall of the Empire is a literate Star Wars Roleplaying Community. It is set in the year 6 ABY, a time when the New Republic takes control of the galaxy, hunting down the fragments of the Empire. So, join us and choose your path, and may the force be with you!
Gaming | YouTuber
The official Discord server for The Way of Boog Gaming.
Entertainment | Community
Welcome to Porg Haven! This is a new server I made with the goal to be a safe and fun spot to make friends and talk about Star Wars in a fun and civil manner. Toxicity is a no-no and all constructive and civil opinions are to be respected! I hope you consider joining and helping us grow.
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to Galactic Senate RP Start off as a Senator representing a planet of your choosing. Guide your people in the Galactic Senate and shape the future of the Galaxy! For those seeking a fun and interactive roleplaying discord that primarily focuses on politics and intrigue surrounding the Galactic Republic. New members will start off as a Senator who can engage in corrupt activities or serve as a beacon of justice. The choice is yours! Rise the ranks of the Galactic Republic by roleplaying. Ascend to the position of Chancellor, serve as a court justice, oversee the Judicial Forces as an admiral, or serve the Galactic Senate as a member of the Jedi Order. We strive for inclusive and imaginative roleplay. If you have an idea, you can bet staff will try their hardest to accommodate you. We are very Coruscant-Centric on location however random events, personal roleplay, and galactic intrigue will allow members to travel to new planets.
Gaming | Social
Home for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Vanguard Alliance cluster.
Gaming | eSports
Сервер русского сообщества по игре Star Wars Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. Наша группа ВК: https://vk.com/rujka Твитч канал: https://www.twitch.tv/rujka1
Gaming | Community
The Escape Pod...Cast We talk all things SWGOH. Two radio hosts from opposite ends of the world converge to bring you the premiere pod cast about the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
Gaming | Community
Servidor SWGOH Brasil
Gaming | Community
The Dorian Blade Gaming discord is the home for Podcaster and Content Creator Dorian Blade. Dorian does videos on Galaxy of Heroes, AFK Arena, and his favorite, Marvel Strike Force, where he's lucky enough to be a FoxNext Envoy for the game.
Gaming | Community
This Discord server is for players of the Jedi Knight series to hang out, discuss, play, collaborate, and so on.
Gaming | Technology
HotUtils hosts Hotbot, a discord bot for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, courtesy of developer Hotsauce.
Gaming | Entertainment
Biscuit Weazel presents Biscuits and Star Wars from the perspective of an everyday player to help you succeed even when you don’t think you can succeed.
eSports | Gaming
Epic Saber League is the e-sport competetive league for the good old videogame called Jedi Academy. Welcome to everyone and be ready to fight for your glory!
Gaming | Role-Playing
SWTOR RP-guild @ Darth Malgus
Hobbies | Social
A Star Wars server for the discussion of Star Wars and its related media. The community encourages civil discussion of our favorite franchise.
Gaming | Community
Hello! This is just a community dedicated for a bunch of fellas who wanna chill, share memes, and overall have a good time! Our discord is fairly focused on a handful of video games, and serves to appeal to everyone! Come by and give it a try! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find a community that you feel that you belong!
Social | Entertainment
An up-and-coming Star Wars themed server still in development! You can earn points and ranks based on how active you are to get access to different channels and ranks. Just a place for Star Wars fans veteran and beginners alike to discuss the movies and have fun ranking up! Enjoy!
Meme | LGBT
Join to post memes and vibe with laid back baby Yoda fans
Entertainment | Community
Baby Yoda community
Community | Meme
This is a Star Wars Hangout server. If you are a Star Wars fan this is the server for you!
Community | Role-Playing
Star Wars Türkiye
Meme | Entertainment
commit your life to raiding roblox games with the darth jar jar meme
YouTuber | Entertainment
Fan group centered around The Dan-O Channel
Role-Playing | Gaming
Star Wars Türkiye
Social | Community
COMMUNITY SERVER **Hey you psssttt do you want a cool server made by @d0ckie#4242 ?** **then this server is the server for you!** **__We__ have:** :calendar: events :rotating_light: active staff :newspaper: Self advertising! :tada: Giveaways :loudspeaker: Announcements :newspaper2: Even more for __YOU__ to explore join now by clicking on this link! **https://discord.gg/wZvsaq5** I wish you very much luck on the server and most importantly have fun!
Social | Community
COMMUNITY SERVER **Hey you psssttt do you want a cool server made by @d0ckie#4242 ?** **then this server is the server for you!** **__We__ have:** :calendar: events :rotating_light: active staff :newspaper: Self advertising! :tada: Giveaways :loudspeaker: Announcements :newspaper2: Even more for __YOU__ to explore join now by clicking on this link! **https://discord.gg/wZvsaq5** I wish you very much luck on the server and most importantly have fun!
Gaming | Community
Shared server for SWGOH guild 3vL.
Gaming | Community
Recruiting server for the Republic alliance in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
YouTuber | Anime | Community
A new and growing community for nerds, anime fans, cosplays and content creators. under the banner of frankie its a laid back server that supports all people and their fanbases.... except furries.... WHY IS THAT A THING?!?!
A server for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
The Exiles Nation is a SWGOH guild family!