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The official discord server of /r/Tech! We offer high quality tech news, discussion, and have lots of helpful members who can walk you through technical issues or help guide you in building a PC! We have an engaging levels system and we’re adding more unique tech themed emotes everyday! Come join us!
Science | Technology
A Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space travel, exploration, observing, astrophotography, space pictures, etc. We have daily activity, have feeds, post livestreams of launches, and do trivias. Spacecord is for everyone interested in space, you don't necessarily need to be an expert.
Programming | Technology
A server where we will help you with your coding needs!
Programming | Community
Fun and friendly server to learn programming : )
Technology | Programming
Discuss programming, ethical hacking, programming and cybersec/infosec
Anime | Gaming
A friendly gaming and anime focused server. everyone is welcome!
Programming | Technology
Technology discussion including hardware, apps, and much more. Google, Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Technologist focuses on the latest in what matters in technology daily.
Technology | Community
“The aim of science is to seek the simplest explanations of complex facts." We at Quantum Tech want to give our part of what it takes and help people with Science! So, come join us in this venture of Science and make this world a better place! Fun Fact: We discuss about Science in general with Some Space and Techie Stuffs!
Anime | Entertainment
Greetings! This is a place to talk about mostly anime related things but more importantly make new friends and have a good time. We do events and such and just want to have a great time, talking about anime and whatever, we just want to have fun at the end of the day.
Technology | Community
DiscordTech is a highly engaged tech community that has a lot to offer, including frequent giveaways!
Science | Language
Coronavirus, 3D printing, AI, DMT, CRISPR, buddhism, neuroscience, robots, philosophy, biology, literature, history, technology, religion, transhumanism, geopolitics, AI, quantum physics, psychology, mental health, support
Streaming | Community
🖥️ /r/LivestreamingHelp is a new server dedicated to upcoming and or already existing streamers on various platforms! We're also offering channels with twitch, gaming and tech news!
Love tech? Love discord? Join the Amazon Tech Hardware Server we chat about the upcoming tech products on the market and much more! Enjoy - Movie Night - Nitro giveaways - Great tech advise and so much more!
Technology | Community
We're a community all about tech. Come hang out with us!!!
Programming | Community
Has music, low amount of people so chat isn't crowded, support will be offered quickly, memes, lgbtq+ friendly, if we get gamers we'll make a gaming hub. I'll be making a discord bot so that you can have your very own custom bot commands that no one else can use! We cater to the users!
Technology | Programming
An ethical hacking/coding serve, learn from and teach each other.
Business | Technology
A little but loving community ready to chat about anything on you're mind!
Technology | Community
Welcome to the Futurist Foundation the goal is to connect futurists all into one community. Where people can discuss ideas, start projects, & fund businesses that promote a future we all want to live in.
Technology | Education
This is a ethical hacking server that teaches you about Kali Linux and how it works. Come joins us in the fun and educate yourself on how to protect yourself from attacks and how to attack only for educational purposes. We do giveaways and events for teaching. Don't miss out!
Gaming | Community | Meme
A dedicated server to the game, War Thunder! We play War Thunder, and we grind together as a community! Non-NSFW server, with great music, giveaways, bots, memes, and more!
Community | Meme
Do you look for a no bullshit server to be whatever you want to be? Looking for a diverse community of weebs, gamers, tech enthusiasts and memelords? Look no further!
Science | Education
Whether you're a student or just interested in learning about any of these subjects or related fields, this server is for you! Feel free to start/join in a discussion in any of our subject-related channels or just chill in any of our general ones.
Technology | Programming
Hacking, Technology, Hack
Art | Music
The Official Apollo Discord A great place to discuss, create, and collaborate.
Programming | Community
We help peoples on scripting, we sponsor games to make them better, we create games ourselves, but who is "we"? Well, our team.
Technology | Meme
A community for all Tech enthusiasts and artists. Discuss the latest and greatest tech, share your art, memes, ask for feedback, level up and unlock exclusive Free to use templates of all sorts. Invite Link:
Science | Technology
Transhumanism discord server. Topics are: * Science * Futurism * Longevity * The Singularity * Food Supplements * Implants * Economics of the Future * Politic Systems of the Future * Biohacking etc.
Crypto | Programming
Scrypta is a Peer-to-Peer infrastructure designed for new business models and public governance management. The system is based on the digital currency called 'LYRA'. Scrypta is a blockchain with advanced decentralized features for greater scalability, flexibility and is suitable for the creation of complete architectures for unlimited projects and new use cases. Scrypta is a constant evolution project with decentralized nature that makes it particularly suitable for collaborations and contributions from developers who want to create practical solutions based on its architecture. Moreover, the Scrypta based ecosystem offers exceptional features of archiving, certification and verification which represent excellent tools for all those companies wishing to look at the technological innovation offered by the blockchain. Links:
Crypto | Technology
QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by applying blockchain sharding technology. QuarkChain is one of the first public chains that successfully implemented state sharding technology for blockchain in the world.
Technology | Entertainment
The Official SIVANN Discord Server
Technology | Streaming
Tech Four Seven
Furry | Technology
This is a group for furries who work in IT. Feel free to hang out, ask for help, bitch about users, and post those dank me me's. We've got those free "wee fee's" and the password is "password".
Gaming | Technology
Space-focused gameplay, chill shenanigans, occasional memeage, tech talk, cooking and recipes, and so much more.
Gaming | Hobbies
Dr Dunn's Waiting Room This our community discord where we talk about games, movies, web development, marketing, productivity, and more. If you can't tell, there is probably something here for everybody. The discord is still fairly new so feel free to suggest any channels you'd like to see added. Stop in and say hello!
Technology | YouTuber
Server for Sestain's LEET Support.
Programming | Technology
{undefined} est un serveur sur le thème de la programmation regroupant les développeurs (aussi bien novice que expert) pour s'aider et parler entre eux de code (Python, C, C++, Js, Php, Ruby, Java, etc), voir de tout.